Two steps for ordering a metal print:

1 - Order Print: Before you upload your image, order your print by selecting the SHOP button in the top navigation bar.  If your image is less than 100 MB, you can upload your image(s) while ordering your print(s). The Upload File section is towards the bottom of the order page. If your image file is larger than 100 MB, order your print(s) and then upload your images via our FTP site 


2 - Upload your Image: After placing your order, upload your image(s) via our FTP site here

Note: If you uploaded your file during the ordering process, you don't need to do it again.

Also, your email address will link your order with any files you upload via our FTP site.

Our FTP Site often provides a faster upload speed than the order page link and is very helpful for batch uploads. It can handle files up to 1 GB as well as allowing 5 files at a time.