Framing Your Metal Print

Early on, we realized how important a complimentary frame was to best display the metal prints that we were producing. We now offer several proprietary aluminum frames, as well as wood frames. Magna Chrome has an in-house framing department and a well stocked inventory of several thousand feet of framing materials. New designs are a crazy obsession that we continue to pursue, so stay tuned.

For an inexpensive, yet highly effective framing option, our Hangers or Gallery Mounts are excellent choices. Both of these options float your metal print off the wall about 3/4". Gallery Mounts also come with an attached wire for hanging. 

Our Floating Frame is similar to the Gallery Mount, but offers a more robust support system. It floats your print off the wall by about 1.5" and offers edge-to-edge support via a 1/4" brushed aluminum channel. Like the Gallery Mount, the Floating Frame is invisible when viewed from the front and also comes with an attached wire for hanging. It comes in black and silver.

A very unique complimentary and contemporary look are achieved with our Shadow Frame Collection. Unlike the other frames, the three frames in our Shadow Collection can be seen when viewing the print from the front. The outside border supports a recessed island where your print floats. The Shadows represent a very unique and complimentary framing method for metal prints. There are three versions:

The Black Shadow, which is the most economical of our Shadow Collection, has an outside border of about 1/2" before dropping down into the recessed island where the print is attached.  

The Bevel Frame is an exceptionally attractive frame that has a 2" outside border of beveled brushed anodized aluminum. Like the other Shadow Frames, the Bevel Frame has a floating island of aluminum and comes with a wire for hanging.

The big daddy of all the frames is our Grand Shadow. Like the other two, the Black Shadow comes with a very rich looking brushed anodized finish. A 2.7" brushed aluminum outside border then drops down to a recessed island that supports your print. It is simply an awesome frame! 

Photo Credit: Jeff Murray

Wood Frames add warmth to metal prints. Magna Chrome offers four types of Wood Frames: The Sequoia, The Aspen, The Yosemite and The Tahiti Frame.  Unlike other frame shops, we do it different here. Rather than cramming your metal print into the rabbet (the inside edge) of the frame, we instead have designed an inside floating channel to support your print. This offsets your print from the frame by about 3/4" and the effect is stunning!

Image credit: Gregg Lawson