Six Finishes for Metal Prints

Metal prints are available in six finishes. To simplify the decision making process, there are really only two major divisions, White or Silver and three levels of gloss within each of these two divisions. Deciding upon which level of gloss is a highly personal matter. While gloss is used by the majority of our customers because of its extraordinary luminosity, if glare is a problem (lots of windows), then Satin or Matte might be a better choice.

Deciding between the White and the Silver finishes is a little harder to determine. White is always a winner and is a safe bet. However, there are times when the Silver finish is superior and enhances the print more than the White. But it is not always obvious.  In general, if a print needs pure white to bring out tones better, then printing on Silver could be a mistake. To get an idea what your image would look like if printed on Silver, visualize the white areas filled with silver. The following are examples of images that look better on Silver. 




The following two images are not good candidates for Silver, but look incredible on White.